Bound To Me A Possessive Cowboy Romance

Romance Joanna Blake 1st Sep, 2022


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She's on the run...but I love the chase.   I'm the middle brother from a family famous for breeding horses and strong men. But my charming smile hides a hardened heart. I fell in love once, and it ended badly. Never wanted to try again. Too much tragedy, not enough reward. Unfortunately, that means too many days spent on the farm, and too many nights alone in my bed. Until a spoiled heiress mistakes me for a stable hand. Francesca was born to be worshiped and adored. The native Italian beauty is used to getting what she wants, only this time, she's earned nothing but trouble. I'm not the type to give someone else control--especially when I get a taste of her sultry lips. But she's been treated badly before. She trusts no one - especially men. But that changes now. I'm not a man who tries to steal a woman's heart. But I am a man that goes after what's rightfully mine. And I'll have Francesca: body, heart, and soul.

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