Caroling in the Snow New Hope Sweet Christmas Romance 2

Romance Lacy Andersen 1st Sep, 2022


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Love is in the air… When the sassy Chloe Walker takes over the New Hope Christmas Eve play, she’s determined to make it the best Christmas Eve the town has ever seen. With only weeks until the big day, she’s desperate to find the perfect male lead. It seems impossible - until the attractive and unexpected Jordan Davis walks into her life. Accountant Jordan Davis would give anything to get out from under his overbearing boss and into the job of his dreams - but instead, he’s sent to the New Hope Foundation on special assignment. When the curvy and delicious Chloe Walker offers to set him up with an impossible job interview, he accepts. Only catch? Star in her silly holiday musical. Will the undeniable attraction between Chloe and Jordan grow into something bigger, or will the harsh realities of real life destroy the tender notes of love before they begin to sing? With a little Christmas romance, love just might win the day.

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