Convergence Jack of All Trades - Episode 1

.Kontent Original Ferrite Terrapin 22nd Mar, 2022 26.1K


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The protagonist, Yong-hyeon, realized all the talents he could lay his hands on. He reached the apex of countless human talents when he became a middle-aged man. But he was nearing his death fast alone in his vast mansion. When he was breathing his last, he vowed to live a different life than this one when given a second chance of life: Building genuine relationships with others and succeeding together with others, not alone. Then he was given a second chance. He returned to the body of a 19-year-old. Now, he would start from scratch. He would have to earn his abilities and talents all over again. But this time, he would do it in cooperation with other people. Step by step, he would re-gain the capabilities he had had in his former life. After successfully finishing high school, he focused his attention on the computer. Meanwhile, Yu Sang-hyeon from an orphanage began to develop his ability in hacking. He became a “wizard” hacker on some dark web at twenty. And he became a force to be reckoned with in the hacking world under the alias “Umbarnos.” But one day, he would be forced to be taught a lesson from some unknown hacker several tiers higher than him. Now, he would be given a tempting offer from the hacker, and he gladly took it without thinking much.

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