Crushing On The Bully Crushing on You 2

Mystery_Horror Sarah Adams 1st Sep, 2022


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Clarissa's life is full of coffee, hard work, shopping and books. She likes it that way, thank you very much, or at least she does until she meets Skull at the grocery store. She's instantly attracted to him, but the jerk cuts in line, making Clarissa question her judgment. Clarissa isn't too worried, because hey, it's not like she's ever going to see him again, right? Wrong! That very night Skull shows up at the coffee shop she works at when she's about to lock up and Clarissa finds out his bad attitude isn't just for the line at the grocery store, it's his full time occupation, but she's still attracted to him. Clarissa makes up her mind to avoid the brown-eyed jerk, but destiny has other plans. The more Clarissa gets to know Skull the more she likes him, but the more she believes to think he might really be a jerk - not to mention a bully with dark secrets that he's not willing to entrust to Clarissa. Against her better judgment and the advice of her bestie, Clarissa falls hard and gets taken on the wildest ride of her life: unplanned motorcycle road trips and a date to a biker bar which gives her a reason to believe her crush might be part of gang. Will Clarissa overcome Skull's bad attitude, secrecy, and possible illegal activities or will crushing on the bully only lead to her next broken heart? 

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