Existence or Not

.Kontent Original Kyeong Eh Kang 12th Dec, 2021 3.4K


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The heroine was an ordinary housewife with some background of education. Her family was not rich but could live a comfortable life. But one thing was tormenting her: Her neighboring family of three living upstairs on an rented room. They lived from hand to mouth, and its husband wasn’t much of a help to his family. They would starve when they couldn’t find any work. Their presence upstairs made our protagonist very uncomfortable. She couldn’t even digest the food easily, thinking about them. Their only hope was their baby daughter of two. But things looked only bleak for the family. Then, a year later, after they had fled in the middle of the night, the husband suddenly came to the heroine’s house on one evening. She felt a feeling of terror from him from the way he looked and behaved. Then suddenly, after remaining silent for a long time, he finally opened his mouth. He began to talk about something out of this world. She just kept listening to him in horror.

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