I Can t Believe He Did Us Both Kari s Lessons 4

Adult Novel Cassandra Zara 31st Aug, 2022


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My best friend Jenny couldn't believe it when she'd found out I'd lost my virginity. I really wanted to tell someone, but she'd never understand that it was Max who'd spanked me, shaved me, taken my virginity and come inside me. I thought she'd freak out because he was an my mom's boyfriend and so much older than me. When she figured it out I couldn't believe how jealous she was! But acting like a slut and climbing into his bed half naked was a big mistake. Max was going to have to discipline her for being so naughty. You'll never believe what he made us do to each other... and what he did to both of us. And you're definitely not going to believe who ended up with a big messy creampie this time! I Can't Believe He Did Us Both! is a 5000 word erotic short featuring a two girls who need to be taught a lesson by the man of the house to stop them going astray. It includes defloration, sloppy oral sex, hair pulling, a scorching Mff threesome, a big internal creampie, cum-sharing and two very naughty teenage girls fighting over a strict older man's cock.

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