Lost in You Flirting with Forever 1

Romance Amanda Bailey 1st Sep, 2022


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He sets her on fire with his touch. She owns him with just one kiss. Madison Green is desperate to avoid the comments and judgements that come with flying solo at yet another family wedding. Her heart does a little flip when Shawn, who she’s always harbored a secret crush on, offers to fake it with her for the weekend. What she doesn’t expect is to catch feelings for the handsome guitarist as she struggles to figure out how much of what they are doing is pretend—and how much isn’t. There’s nothing insincere about the emotions Madison stirs within Shawn Mitchell. The more time they spend together, the more intimate they become—and the more he wonders if he should have been the one at Madison’s side all along. He never expected to lose himself in the lie they’d created. To crave her. To need her like he does. When lines blur and then disappear completely, all that’s left is their intense desire to be together—for real. 

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