Obsessive Boss Bratva Brothers 4

Crime_Vampire Willow Fox 31st Aug, 2022


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We’ve remodeled Club Sage, and I’m just about to burn the place down to the ground. When Savannah comes looking for a job, I hire her on the spot. We’re desperate for dancers, and she’s stunning. How could she not be perfect for the job? Don’t mix business and pleasure—the advice I should have heeded from my mentor and boss, Nikita Krylova. I let a federal agent into the workplace. Savannah has access to the books and the money we launder. I’m screwed if my boss Nikita or the head of the bratva, Mikhail, discovers my little indiscretion. But they’re bound to find out since Mikhail’s better half, Madisyn, is former FBI. She worked with Savannah Blakely. Do I come clean and accept that I’m a dead man or bury the truth and a few bodies before anyone finds out?

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