Orange Season

.Kontent Original Yoo Jeong Kim 12th Dec, 2021 3.9K


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It was hard times when almost everyone scraped a living. The protagonist was an honest, learned man. Then one day, he became embroiled in a strange legal problem after he drew up a contract for his dear friend who was illterate. The contract was outrageous. His friend’s wife was to be sold for a small fortune to a rich cowman. The hero merely helped them make a deal with each other. But after just a few days later, something unexpected happened. His friend’s wife had disappeared along with his friend at the same day. Could it be a coincidence? The widower and cowman was exasperated. The cattleman had no one to fume at except the protagonist. The widower suspected that the three of them including the hero had colluded in the scheme. But the hero claimed he was innocent. Could he find the truth? And where did the couple disappear anyway?

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