Residents of Jongro

.Kontent Original Man 7th Jan, 2022 7.2K


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A poor movie director enjoyed his routine of leaving the house after breakfast, walking past the nearby park and the intersection before arriving at a department store. His usual days revolved around the streets of his town, Jongno of Seoul. He loved everything about Jongno. He liked the people, the stores, the buildings, and everything in it. Sometimes, his sidekick would accompany him when roaming around the streets of Jongno. Though he was a film director, he seemed to have no bright future. And his best friend would always mock his bleak future. Since the movie director was a bachelor, their talk would naturally veer into marriage or women. And the poor bachelor had a sweetheart in his heart. She was working in the department store. And he would fantasize about the bright future with her...

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