Tenderly Seven Brides Seven Brothers Pelican Bay 4

Romance Belle Calhoune 1st Sep, 2022


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Micah Donahue is one of the eight Donahue siblings. He’s a male model who hasn’t been able to see his own self-worth in anything other than his good looks and charm. Being diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult has opened his eyes a bit to his life-long struggles. When he meets introverted teacher Faith O’Connell, Micah’s entire life turns upside down. For the first time in his life he can see his future in the eyes of another. Faith O’Connell is a caring young woman whose life has been marred by a tragic fire that forever changed her life. As a teacher, Faith is able to change the lives of children on a daily basis, yet she hides behind layers so no one can see her burns. Yearning for a bigger and better life, Faith sees her life changing when she meets Micah Donahue and his wonderful family. Can Micah’s love and devotion help Faith overcome her fears?

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