The Poor Wife

.Kontent Original Gin Gun Hyun 12th Dec, 2021 6.7K


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There was a young couple who were happily married in their early age. The husband was a would-be writer who only concentrated on his learning and writing. Though the wife’s family was wealthy enough to help their living, they couldn’t rely on her family forever. So soon the couple became impoverished because both the husband and the wife had no income. The husband only dreamed of becoming a famous best-selling writer someday. Besides, he almost forced her to fully trust in him no matter what. One day, they would look to be happy despite being destitute. The other day, they would quarrel with each other about their bleak future. In short, their mood alternated between happiness and despair. Could their life keep going like that? Or could they find a solution to their impoverished life?

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