The Toad

.Kontent Original Yoo Jeong Kim 12th Dec, 2021 5.4K


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The protagonist had a friend, a little older than him. His friend was called a toad because of his toad-like eyes. And one day, the hero happened to see a woman on the street and had a crush on her on the spot. She happened to be his friend’s elder sister. From that day on, the protagonist had to toady to his older friend. Instead of meeting her right away, he chose to write postcards and kept writing them to her for a few months straight, which would be delivered by his older pal. The pimp took advantage of his younger friend to the utmost. Then, one day, our hero finally found out the truths about his friend’s private life and how the rake had deceived him for a long time. The protagonist felt betrayed and temporarily lost his mind.

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