The Yacht Party Lara Stone

Thriller Novel Tasmina Perry 1st Sep, 2022


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What happens onboard, stays onboard The thrilling novel in a new glamorous mystery series from million-copy bestseller Tasmina Perry. Disgraced reporter Laura Stone is offered a second chance when her oldest friend Sandrine invites her to join the Collective, a network of investigative journalists, funded by crusading media tycoon Eduardo Ortega. But when Sandrine is found dead in tragic circumstances, Laura believes her death is linked to a story she was working on about Jonathon Menzel, a secretive financier known for hosting discreet networking parties on his Monte Carlo yacht Pandora. Six weeks earlier Menzel was also found dead, apparently of natural causes. But Laura believes Sandrine and Jonathon were both murdered and that the key to the motive lies onboard Pandora. What secrets are hidden onboard Menzel’s yacht? What deals were brokered that are worth killing for? And can Laura get to the truth before she herself becomes just another inconvenient guest at the party? 

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