Turn Over

Romance Violet Paige 1st Sep, 2022


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She could save me. And I could destroy her. Luke Football was God and the stadium was my church. Except for the nights I would stay out, when the choir was the moaning in my bed. I was the Austin Warriors bad boy. Alcohol. Women. Parties. You name it—I would try it. But one gold digger started a rumor and suddenly I was on the hook for something I didn’t do… this time. The owner made me promise to change my image, and I said I would try. I mean I'll try anything, once. Alexa America’s Sweetheart, that’s what they called me. Pure. Sweet. Successful. If only they had known the truth from the beginning, the crowds wouldn’t think I was so perfect. But one night changed everything. I met the Austin Warriors QB. After Luke Canton I was lost and found. Consumed and wrecked. He was the only man who saw the real me. And I had to face it… because there was a chance I was having his baby.

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