Twisted Interest Margot Harris 7

Thriller Novel Nora Kane 1st Sep, 2022


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“You know, it has occurred to more than one person that if Lucas ever got to tell his story, your client would go back to being the lead suspect in a double murder. It kind of makes it convenient for you that the poor kid got stabbed,” Cranston mused. Margot decided this was a good time to exercise her right to remain silent. A suspect in a recent murder case is stabbed to death while in lockup.  Who would want to kill a murder suspect, unless they want to bury the secrets that would incriminate them?  Private Detective Margot Harris is questioning whether she has been misled and the real killer is still on the loose.  Accusations made by the Youtube Star Cassandra Cole have rattled someone enough that they are willing to silence her at any cost. Who could be behind the latest killing, and murder attempt on Cassandra Cole?  Are the two incidents related and what will it take for Margot to get to the killer before any more lives are lost? Read this fast-paced story with witty dialogues and amazing plot twists. 

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